A 10 Minute Card

Über die absolut geniale und mit göttlichem Talent gesegnete Ashley Cannon Newell bin ich auf eine Challenge gekommen, die sich „10 Minute Craft Dash“ nennt. Ist das nicht eine witzige Idee? Leute, zück die Stoppuhr und legt los! 😉 Weil es eine amerkanische Initiatorin ist, schreibe ich jetzt aus Englisch weiter.

When I read about this crazy new challenge on Ashley’s blog, I first thought that this is way too stressful. Only 10 minutes to take hundreds of decisions AND make a card at the same time? Never ever! Though, I liked Ashley’s card so much, that I thought I should give it a try. When taking a closer look at the instructions for the challenge I noticed that it wouldn’t be too difficult to achieve a presentable result… because you can get your supplies out before you start! 🙂 Yeah, so I did: My brandnew Lawn Fawn stamps, some inks, watercolours and a paint brush. Then I started the stopwatch and began stamping hecticly… errr, not a good idea, some of the dotted lines are blurry. But it saved me much time that I used for painting the paper plane 🙂 Total time to create this piece: 9 minutes 37 seconds.
Not really my best creation – but given the conditions, I’m content with it 😉


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